Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Condensation in the Cuben Grace solo tarp

Regarding my UL camp here...

I added this to a Facebook post, but it seemed prudent to add here and link to my UL Dartmoor camp with the MLD Grace solo tarp.
Regarding a lot of condensation under the tarp...

I guess the high humidity didn't help, it was very warm (we have had over a month of heatwave) and then rain and mist appeared, so I guess inevitable?
That's my first pitch of the MLD Grace in probably over a year and wanted to pitch it low as rain forecast. Maybe could have pitched rear a bit higher but didn't want rain being blown in. My poles are 1.2m long tied cord at top but probably could have made front nearer top, again didn't want rain blown in front. That kind of tarp is a big learning curve.

I'm sure a Trailstar or any shelter would have had as much condensation? Or maybe less due to being more closed and mist not getting in. Absolutely no idea.
All good fun in nice weather. I'd not be so keen in bad weather. But have seen these used in freezing mountains! Ruddy eck lol!!!

I'll be interested by the thoughts of others (and Chris Townsend) if they get a chance to watch it. I also need to research / pitch and play with this and rectangular Monk side by side to compare. As whilst they similar they different. I did notice this "dipped" in centre I think due to cut / cantanary cut here, it was very taut. It didn't move in the breeze! But breeze died down as the evening progressed.
I'll be interested in the thoughts of others.


Greg said...

I think it has been very humid Tony. I had condensation in the Powerlizard despite all the doors being open.

Stephen Gelly said...

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