Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lighting Zelph Starlyte

From Zelph -
Trying to get a second boil after the stoves has been cooled and the lid put on is going to be hard to do. That second 1/2 ounce is primarily on the bottom layer of the stove. Vapors are being covered with the absorbing material. In order to get the vapors up to the top again I suggest the jet type. One of those would get the stove hot and would then ignite again.

One thing to try is hold the stove upside down and use a regular lighter so all the heat is concentrated on the center of the stove for 10 seconds or so.

Normal useage is to fill the stove with 1 ounce and heat your water. Blow out the stove and the remaining fuel is captured with the lid. When the stove is used again, 1/2 ounce is poured into it and then used. That same procedure can be used over and over again. Practicing at home under calm conditions is recommended.

and here is a pointer to the original thread over at where I first showed the video in cold windy weather:



Big thanks to Rand at Trail Designs for getting in touch with Zelph and for Dan's detailed reply.
(I bough the stove).

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