Saturday, March 15, 2014

Vetters comments and distances for TGO Challenge.

Route and vetters comments in a nutshell, without giving away the route entirely.

"We are faced with "vetting" the route of someone recently seen on television as a winter camping enthusiast (I'd say expert).

However, Chris, you have Tony with you.... (poor sod;)"

"Auchertyre Hill is a bit roughty toughty"  where have I heard that before...

From the route sheet that Chris sent me...
Fri 21km 887m asc.
Sat 25/1823
Sun 25/1142
Mon 31/779
Tue 25/909
Wed 25/737
Thur 25/936
Fri 20/1352
Sat 22/1195
Sun 203/553
Mon 24/1470
Tue 23/733
Wed 18/115.

We have Thursday and technically Friday to use as well and I'd expect to use Thursday.  These are the high routes.  The Fair Weather Route is less ascent.

Vetters comments "Tony - Shirt nan Ceathramham, Carn Eighe and Mam Social are three of the highest Munroes and often still have significant amounts of snow on them in May."  It's pointed out the south side for descent usually has less snow :)

"One Challenger got swept off his feet trying to cross (Allt Phocaichain) so one to avoid after heavy rain."

I've just read that some time before Chris vetted the vetters.  Presumably a Challenge from a bygone year.

"Chris we can only hope for some reasonable conditions for Tony to be able to appreciate what would be an excellent Cairngorm experience! "

"A bit of a rough stuff (oooh matron;) today, East of Mount Keen...".

"We liked our virtual ramble along your route..."


Unknown said...

Ha excellent stuff, bet you cant wait Tony! You'll definitely need to brace yourself for those big days of ascent but what an experience and can think of few places on earth better in which to experience them.

Tony Hobbs said...

Haha yes, Chris did say he likes hills ;-)
A steady start on day one then wham. I'll know what hitting the wall is about lol!
Starting to work on kit list in computer, nearly there, so I'll post a first draft idea soon.
Its only about 8 weeks or less now I guess! Exciting but.... I'll just concentrate on kit and my food ;-)