Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lassie chasing the mist...

Some days I'd barely know I had a hernia, other days it's uncomfortable enough to make me almost nauseous!  I think today is post Christmas and new year blues day, and the hernia was a little uncomfortable but I bit the bullet and headed to Cheddar my favourite local far away haunt for a small hike.

I wore my inov8 150 shoes, with two liner socks, synthetic first then merino and Sealskinz over the top.  This system works well for me in temps below 8c. Much above that it's far too warm!

I passed two young couples holding hands, I always love seeing people being romantic outside, though often feel a little melancholy.  Thinking how nice that would be.  I am looking, as per my last post.

The walk was my usual easy walk, I kept it short as I turned my ankle two weeks ago but it's mending quickly.

I wanted to get out of the house and more importantly give Lassie a longer walk. She's still learning not to chase things!! Today wasn't such a great day in that regard! She has now decided to pursue people.  I'll need to work on this pronto. Worse though is now we not meeting friends with their dogs Lassie has lost the being around other dog atmosphere or whatever it is. I've noticed she's getting jealous when I approach or other dogs approach me. This to needs rectifying pronto!  I started today by stopping at couple and asking one to hold Lassie on the lead whilst I played with their dog for a minute.  This needs working on.

I'll be back to Cheddar on Tuesday hopefully to pick up a Petzl Snowalker ice axe as I'm hoping to head to the Brecons soon before my hernia op in Feb. 
I may have inadvertently invited myself along with Dave who owns The Gorge Outdoors in cheddar to the Alps, maybe next winter for a bit of tea drinking... I didn't suggest ice climbing.  So has to be tea drinking!


Adam said...

After watching your videos on YouTube for a couple of years now Tony, it surprises me that I've not spotted you at some point up on the heights around Cheddar Gorge as that has also been a favourite day hike destination for me since the mid 90s that never fails to be enjoyable no matter how far away in the world I've travelled / hiked. Occasionally I also nip into the Gorge Outdoors.

Tony Hobbs said...

Hi Adam
Thanks for stopping by.
I've been going around Cheddar since about 2000, indeed a fab place. Got to know Dave well in recent year.
Op went well last week. So hopefully I'll be back camping in next month or so. Told no lifting carrying for four weeks.
Take care.