Sunday, December 21, 2008


I deleted the image on photobucket as they have a clause in their small print that allows them to use one's work free of charge. I won't willingly give my pictures away.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Farnborough Friday 18th July '08

I got to FBRO at 6.30, well before most people were awake! I read in my car for an hour before the long walk in from Queen's Gate car park. They do offer a shuttle service, but I prefer my own steam! Put simply, it's my car or my legs - you won't get me on public transport! (OK, apart from the Bath park and ride, once or twice, the other times - I walked that too!!).

I got in to FBRO and got a few shots of the halls, then pestered the Boeing and Airbus guys, with mixed results! Today I noticed that the riff raff were allowed in - oops, sorry - the paying public seemed to get passed the gates - not sure on that one. It was not packed by any means, but still come on Farnborough - surely public days are Saturday and Sunday - unless i bring my wife next time - I am always the exception!

The Vulcan flew. Highlight on an otherwise dreary miserable day. I left during the Red Arrows - sorry boys - as I wanted to beat the rush for the car - and selling pix of dreary days is not really going to happen - I guess - though I do often delude myself!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lewis Hamilton

I was at the Farnborough Air Show and I met Lewis Hamilton, I had tea and cucumber sandwiches with him. Well, nice thought! Actually, I guess I was the only photographer there to only get shots of the back of his head - don't think I will make a paparazzi just yet - I am too nice, oops! I was tempted to call out his name - but thought that would be impolite...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Flying Dog Photography

I hope to post a picture here one day - if anyone is daft enough to find this blog - feel free to comment - then again you may not wish to.... It may take awhile tofigure out how to post a picture - letter box?

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