Thursday, July 26, 2012

There was a little chatter on Twitter last night about purifying water. Here's my thoughts and actions. Around Cheddar if I take water from the "tap" of a cattle trough I don't purify. I've thankfully not needed to take water from the trough itself yet! If I did I would probably try to pour it through something first (a bandana / Buff / shirt!), the one I use has little creatures swimming around in it! I'd then use my SteriPen I carry around Cheddar. As I say, I've not had the need to do this yet. I do take water from a couple of streams. I carry my water in two 500ml Nalgene bottles on my shoulder straps. The SteriPen works perfectly in these bottles. I actually think it is debateable if I even "need" to purify it. For various reasons, that are immaterial to this blog, I actually hate stopping, (stopping to film a shelter pitch is theraputic for me), sorry, I have wondered off topic again, and on one part of a Cheddar walk several weeks ago, I topped up, ran out of my "clean" water and frankly could not be bothered to stop to get my SteriPen out. I drank a quarter of my unfiltered water. I didn't die, nor suffer anything unusual. It probably served to filter my brain. I did stop shortly later as I needed a tea! I then sterilised it then with the SteriPen, to be safe. But, let's face it, if damage was going to be caused, it would have been. For Dartmoor I carry the SteriPen, but in time I might ditch it and save 120g! I don't use it, it's back up only. I use Aqua Mira, I won't tell you its expiry date! This is super fast and super efficient. I ignore the information supplied and premix it into a tiny dropper bottle, this mix lasts me quite awhile (it needs to stay yellow). It's pointless suggesting how much and how long it lasts, that is for others to ascertain. What I make lasts me my day and a half, I stop, top up, add a few drops to 500ml of water. This seems to work for me very well. Choke, croak, plonk! I suggest you follow the instructions! I am probably interchanging filter/ed, purify and sterilise, but do I care, the Hell I do ;-) Now toddle off and read a proper blog on proper walking by someone who knows something :-)

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