Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MLD SuperMid on the go.

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This is going to be a follow the progress blog. Primarily on weight for now.
SuperMid as packed in over sized stuff sack. 745g.
No seam sealing yet nor guys.  I'll do this over coming week/s.
I ordered this early September. I asked no one any advice. As I can imagine the replies ;-)  I just ordered it as I fancied it and it sort of completes my MLD shelter collection :-)
I also think it would make a good winter shelter with Bess if the conditions look reasonable.

I walked with Colin Ibbotson and briefly described my nutty new purchase!
In a nutshell he thought my pegs fine.  He was a bit dubious about using Pacer Poles with the SuperMid.    Due to two bent handles at each end using his system, the forces exerted could act like a fulcrum.  Whilst the poles are probably strong enough, they don't go that deep into the handles and could split them.    He suggested normal straight poles, placed ramrod straight in SuperMid.  Preferably adjustable. That way I could just use the cord and dispense with the line locs, a weak link.  I'll see if I have my old Leki Poles.... Also a notch either needs to be already in place or I need to cut one on the poles' basket, so they stay straight!  Of course a thicker support would be preferable, but it's on my head, not literally!

I found my old Lekis, and they have a groove on the baskets, though they would need enlargening, easy enough.  The problem in my opinion is that whilst they have straighter handles, they are still angled!

I'll stick to Pacers for practice. In use though I'll look to get straight handled Black Diamond adjustable alloy poles.  Then fingers crossed!  Only one way to find out and I'll not take it out deliberately in a storm.  For me its not for that!

It pretty easily fits the same stuff sack as the Duomid, though tight, no wriggle room.  This bag weighs 18g vs the oversized stuff bags 30g.

With this a Cuben stuff bag a bit pointless!

Added guylines.  60cm on all hem lines and 120cm (all probably over long!) on mid bungee tie outs.

No sealing yet!

Weight so far, in smaller stuff bag, 780g.  So only added 35g from start!

Seam sealing will add up to but less than 100g!  If I thinned it that would help. But  can't see me doing that!

Started seam sealing the SuperMid. Have done two long seams. Let dry, do other two another time.  Then fiddle with the top.  Ron's supplied sealer actually goes on fine.  Sorry to those who advised other applications.  Ron's was sort of, well, there ;-) Works fine :-)  Pretty sure one tube should be just enough.  Keep you posted.
Used 1.5 tubes!
Fully sealed, in stuff sack with guylines = 834g!  Not bad for an aircraft hanger.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony.
Exciting purchase!
I also have a speedmid waiting to be sealed. I find Permatex "flowable windshield and glass sealer" best and saves faffing with thinning sealer with white spirit etc.
Assuming you have 3 piece pacers get a small, 9 or 10 inch section of carbon pole. Pacer will probably sort you out some (a handle diameter piece) or alpkit do spares of their carbon poles - the mid section is the right diameter if you get the alpkit carbon. Then you can use that to attach the two bottom sections without the handles to give you a nice straight pole which should be extendable to the height you need.

Tony Hobbs said...

Thanks Jim, Gotcha ;-)