Friday, November 23, 2012

MLD Super Tarp in cuben

I wrote a blog post on the silnylon SuperMid, I'll do something similar on the MLD Cuben SuperTarp.  A few facts and figures...

The Cuben SuperTarp weighs 312g.

You have to add guy line. Quite a bit! This is a big tarp that needs to be locked down!  I use the supplied MLD cord.  Plus some in addition.

I did have mostly paracord but that's now removed from this tarp.   All my videos to date on SuperTarp have green cord.  This will be impossible to see in the dark and is bulky.  Hense my swap.

The tarp has a lot of linelocs.  5 on the front and rear, 3 along the sides, 2 bungee tie outs on each side mid way up, and three loops running along the spine.   I make that 23.  The new model seems to have two along the spine not the three on mine.

I put cord on all 5 linelocs at the front and rear, so straight away that is 10 pieces of guyline.  I have just found this is the best way to lock it down and help keep it tight.

I then put guyline on the mid hem tie out point on each side.  Try not to make this too tight or it induces slack.

Those 12 pieces of guyline come to 131g.  This is mostly Rons cord but I have used 2 pieces of Backpacking Light 2mm dyneema cord for the front mid tie outs.

I then need to add 58g of guy line for the 4 mid panel bungee tie outs. Again Rons yellow cord.  Stick with the supplied yellow cord for most if not all points....

So the total weight of line needed, in my case, is 189g!  All pieces are about 2m in length the front and back ridge line cords are 3m.  I deliberately cut them all long for flexibility.

I did have a 10m piece of spare 2mm dyneema cord in my pack at 30g.  I will remove this and put a piece of 5.2m / 2mm / 16g dyneema cord in my pack as spare.  This is emergency cord.  But in the case of the Super Tarp I'll use it to run the length of the ridge line through the ridge loops to help secure the ridge even more.  So as it's in my pack I'll not directly add it to the cord weight here.

Tarp and cord = 501g in supplied stuff sack*.  You need to add plenty of pegs too.

Switch to Cuben stuff sack = 493g!

It is 8' by 10.5'.

I have a few YouTube videos on this tarp. 

I have not slept under it yet!  As my preferred camp spot is quite exposed my aim is to wait for good weather / a period of high pressure in the summer to give it a crack on Dartmoor.  Watch this space!  

My MLD Tarp. photo - Tony Hobbs photos at

Watch "MLD Supertarp, Serenity shelter, one side to ground" on YouTube there are a couple of other videos there. I'll add more videos / photos another time.

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